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Portage Recovery Virtual World

The feedback the PRA is receiving from the excitement, gratitude, and love from the people in the fellowships. We are hearing from people who have comprised immune systems and cannot leave their homes. Families who feel a little stress while working from home and caring for their kids who are officially attending virtual school. Our board members who are working hard (from home) to keep “the doors open” and promote a safe and healthy environment. Our meetings have transitioned into a virtual schedule.

Be Well & Stay Safe

In response to the rapidly changing situation regarding the COVID-19 outbreak in the midwest, the Portage Recovery Association (and number of support groups) have both made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend some of the support groups.

The morning meetings, the 830 Wake Up Call & 5:30PM groups, the Monday, Tuesday and Friday 8PM groups & Saturday 8PM NA Speaker group closed its doors temporarily.

The Living In Today Men’s Monday 8PM meeting went virtual! Please email us at for details.

Portage Recovery members are in the process of creating virtual meetings throughout the week! Visit our for details.

Corona virus matters in Recovery

Yesterday, the Indiana State Governor put a ban on all gatherings of 200 or more people. We have requested for the groups to reconsider saying the closing prayers while holding hands. On social media, various recovery groups and facebook pages are listing 12-step groups they’ve cancelled due to today’s current health crisis. Question pending: should groups meet via social media, skype, izoom in leiu of face to face meetings?

Here are a few alternatives to attending face-to-face groups:

Alcoholics Anonymous:

Narcotics Anonymous:


Statement concerning Corona Virus

Portage Recovery Association is taking precautions in light of the recent government decisions, CDC recommendations, and concerns expressed by our members. Last weekend, volunteers created signs for the bathrooms for hand washing. In addition, laminated notes were placed for the support groups with recommendations for alternatives to holding hands during the closing prayers. Tomorrow, we will add sanitize dispensers by each door for leaving and entering the building.

We ask for the groups to wipe down tables, clean up after the meetings, and to do their part in promoting a healthy environment.

Please email any and all concerns to

Our Mission and Purpose

The Portage Recovery Association, Inc is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and their families in recovery. We offer a safe and a sober environment collectively based on the principles of 12-step recovery programs. Through activities such as meetings, fellowship, educational activities and social events PRA strives to enhance the lives of people in recovery and the communities in which they live.

The purpose and plan of operation of the Portage Recovery Association, Inc is to provide, operate and maintain a facility as may be deemed necessary or desirable by its members for the comfort, convenience, welfare and entertainment of its members.  To engage in business activities furthering the overall welfare of the Club and its members.

Monday Recovery Schedule

8PM Living In Today Men’s AA Group

January 2020 Reflections

New men and women who joined the board that have fresh ideas & enthusiasm for keeping the doors open.

Six new 12-step groups

Added a telephone number so people could reach someone to help with directions or to answer questions.

Three radio/podcast hosts interviewed board members

Anonymous donations: couch, loveseat, lamps, television, table, popcorn maker, cleaning supplies and beverages.

Community event: Art Show, National Recovery Month

Twelve successful anniversary parties to celebrate recovery birthdays

Rent paid in full, a year in advance

Increase in membership!

We are thankful for every person who supported the groups, activities and this amazing establishment! Thank you.