There are sometimes misconceptions and confusion regarding the interrelatedness between the PRA and 12-Step programs.

The Club operates as a non-profit organization whose revenues come from group donations, paid memberships, donations, and occasional fundraisers. 

PRA Club expenses consist of upkeep and the maintenance of the facility, utilities, organizing social activities, and other overhead expenses necessary to operate.

The following are some organizational contrasts between the PRA and the 12-Step Programs:

  •  Physical vs spiritual
  • Business vs fellowship
  • Dues vs no dues or fees
  • Reliant on income & donations vs self-supporting
  • Rules & bylaws vs 12 Traditions
  • Organized vs self-governing
  • Officers vs trusted servants

 There are some 12-step members who are very sensitive to any mixing of 12-step business with the PRA business.

The Portage Recovery Association is a totally separate entity from all 12-step programs.